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2011-2015 History:

I’m currently writing top-line for a few producers submitting those demos to major label publishing companies inviting placement with current artists. This realm is new but exciting for me. I started out just writing and singing my own music and now have found a passion for developing songs for other artists. Every artist in every genre needs that inspirational hit!

2015: Music Connection Magazine “New Music Critique”, Jan 2015 Edition Pg. 52, Score 8.2 of 10

2014: Winner, Indie Music Channel Awards, Los Angeles, CA. April 27, Your Friend, won Best Song, Easy Listening.

2013: Winner, Indie Music Channel Awards, Los Angeles, CA. April 28, COLOR ME took home four awards. Three for “The History”, including Best Male Contemporary Christian Artist, and one for “Come & See” for Best Recording.
* “Come & See” selected as the theme song for the (CTN) nationally syndicated television program “The Time is Now with Diane Chamberlain” broadcasting weekly to over 37 million homes.

2012: Winner, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Hollywood, CA. November 17, after the release his highly anticipated debut album COLOR ME. 1st single “Come & See” received the award for Best Contemporary Christian/Gospel song at the 2012 HMMA’s.
* Ameir & The Frontline, live performance at the Hollywood Highlands for The Indie Thursday Showcase alongside up and comers Emblem3, with Ceelo Green and Lil Wayne performing at the Highlands as well.

2011: Nominated, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Hollywood, CA. November 17th “Day of Reformation” for the 2011 HMMA’s for best Contemporary Christian/Gospel song,
* Live performance with Mr. Stevie Wonder and The International Colors of Love Choir for Stevie’s 16th Annual House Full of Toys Benefit Concert. Closing the show LA LIVE, NOKIA Theater downtown Los Angeles.


As a child growing up, Ameir, along with his family, endured many of the day-to-day struggles that challenge many families that end in divorce. But Ameir was also blessed in having a loving and caring Grandmother who he’d spend summers with. These summers spent, were some of the happiest times in Ameir’s young life, it was during these times that he would go to his Grandmothers church, giving young Ameir a taste of the Glory of God. It was during these early years that the seeds were planted that would eventually lead to a life walk with Christ. Finally at the age of 19, in 1996, Ameir gave his life to Christ. Since then, he has been pursuing his calling through his devotion and through his music and Ameir has never looked back.

Before accepting Christ in his life, Ameir always carried a deep compassion of others, who like Ameir, just didn’t understand what it was about God that so many others had accepted. Through his acceptance of Christ, Ameir started on the path to bring his love for singing and music to the Church. Ameir began singing in his local church and he quickly became a devoted worshipper.  Early on, his pastor called him in front of his Church and called Ameir the “Little Shepherd Boy”, words that changed Ameir’s life forever. It was through these words and the marriage of a love for Christ and music that Ameir began to see the true purpose of his life; a calling to share the messages of God though music and bridging the gap between the Church and secular music. David was a true worshipper and he took his worship into the streets. 

Ameir married his wife Latisha in 2000 and they now have four beautiful children together. One night in 2007, Ameir had a dream that his Pastors wanted him to do something important for God. Ameir woke up from that dream and the very next day, Ameir was asked to become the Church’s first Worship Leader to help the Church transition their Choir into a Worship team. This was an honor to say the least for a very young man. Since then, Ameir has served as Worship Leader, Elder and Associate Minister at Latter House Kingdom Ministries, in Columbia, MO under the direction of Pastors Enos and Diane Chamberlain. The name Ameir means “A born leader” and a born leader of worship coupled with a heart and passion for musical diversity was born.

Ameir & The Frontline:

Ameir attributes his Christian music influences to artists such as Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin. These artists have clearly shown the world that young yet influential Christians could succeed in spanning the gap between the messages of Christian music to the rest of the music world. 

As a Worship Leader, Ameir began a relationship with Dean Mitchum, Worship Pastor for Vision Church @ Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Dean is a devoted Davidic worship instructor and mentor. His teachings have had a great influence on Ameir and his team. Ameir began to write original songs and just a few years later, in 2010, a lifelong dream was born, “Ameir & The Frontline”, Ameir’s first artist group, which released their first project, a 2 song EP titled “Day of Reformation” on August 21st of that year. The Front Line began to travel in the state of Missouri bringing the messages of God and Christ to the State and eventually to the State Capitol grounds in Jefferson City, MO. There a video for Day of Reformation was shot. In 2012 Ameir released his 1st solo project COLOR ME. The project has garnered Ameir 1 HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award) Hollywood, CA, and 4 Indie Music Channel Awards, Hollywood, CA. Many new doors for film and television placement as well as working with platinum selling producers have since opened up for Ameir and the group. 

The group has since gone national playing on live television and in venues across the country from our nations capitol Washington, DC to the capitol of entertainment Hollywood, CA. From Contemporary Christian, to R&B, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop influences the groups sound is as diverse as they come. 

“God has a vision for every area of influence and wants his voice heard not only from the sanctuaries of churches, but also from the Hills of Hollywood, to the streets of cities all across the world. I’ve seen the many colors of God in the music he’s given us and as a group we’ve found that nothing is impossible with God. That is the true beauty we want to express in the music. My prayer is that it speaks to the dream inside of you, which is alive and even more so with Christ alive in you. To the fulfilling of your kingdom purpose, or the life you were born to live. I’m living mine now and with all that is in me I want you to find your own purpose and live your life with all that Christ is in you, that we may all be blessed by the fulfillment of your life.”