“Ameir Smith” wins big at the 2012 HMMA’s (Hollywood Music in Media Awards)

November 23, 2012 at 10:09 pm

On November 15th, 2012 at the Historic Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Ameir picked up his 1st award for best song in the Contemporary Christian/Gospel Category. Ameir had his management team Brenda Brown Entertainment there to support as this honor was received.

As an independent artist the mountain climbing can be tenuous and takes such a special dedication and commitment to see it through. Quoting Ameir: “I am honored to have been nominated let alone having won this prestigious award. It is a sign to me that we are on the right track, and that our music is impacting the culture in a positive way. I believe this is just the beginning (laughing) Come & See is all about the impossible possible dream and it feels good to know that listeners want more from us.. Well they can expect more.. We’re so excited”

The HMMA (Hollywood Music In Media Awards) acknowledges outstanding work in music supervision, composition, film score, soundtrack, video, video game, television, and recognizes independent artists contributions worldwide. The lights are on and the world is watching as Ameir and his group The Front Line forge ahead with music for all of these mediums.



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“Come & See” Nominated for Hollywood Music In Media Award

October 5, 2012 at 8:36 pm

I’m overwhelmed by this nomination, the 2nd in as many years. Thanks to Brandon Collins (Producer), Shavar Iweze (Keys), Alika Day & Vickie Miller (BGV’s) and all that have supported “Come & See” is available on iTunes . Come & See speaks to the impossible dream, that is very much possible. With God all things are possible! I like to end my statements with “Nothing is Impossible” and now those same words are speaking to me.





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Ameir Smith’s Inspirational/Uplifting Album “Color Me” Available NOW!!!

August 21, 2012 at 8:40 am

The  release of Ameir Smith’s inspirational and uplifting new album “COLOR ME”. This is Ameir’s first studio project that blends the many colors of music that have influenced Ameir throughout his life. “I wanted the world to see me as I am. I’m diverse in sound, in texture, and lyrical content. Powerful meaning can be wrapped into any style of song.”

Ameir’s songs and music combine the diversity found in the words and message of the Gospel, the smooth vocals and rifts found in R&B, and the real life experiences and beats found in Rock and Hip Hop. All of these elements make up Ameir’s music and message, and throughout the songs as found on “COLOR ME”, Ameir’s beliefs translate his message to us all that “It’s not enough just to get SAVED, after that it’s time to celebrate and LIVE! Now walk that out!” 

Ameir says, “I will always do the music I feel has been given to me, so I pray this is the start of many projects to come. I’m very thankful that you can now have a little bit of what has colored my life.”

“COLOR ME” is Ameir’s first studio project set to release 8/21/12. This date is significant and was purposefully earmarked. It is the 2yr anniversary of Ameir’s group “The Front Line’s” first EP release of the widely acclaimed single, “Day of Reformation”. The song is included on the COLOR ME album. This single has gained Ameir and The Front Line great recognition and the song was subsequently nominated for an HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award) and has been performed to live audiences, across the nation. In celebration of the national accolades that “Day of Reformation” has already received for Ameir and The Front Line, COLOR ME releases on this special date.

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August 2, 2012 at 10:12 pm



“Come & See” is the first single release for Ameir Smith’s debut Album “Color Me” to be released 8/21/2012. 

A born leader of worship coupled with a heart of passion for musical diversity. Ameir’s pursuit of God has led him into a wealth of musical range. From Christian Contemporary, R&B, Rock, Pop, & Hip Hop. This young Davids sound is as diverse as they come. “I see the many colors of God in the music he gives me. I just want to express them all. I’ve found nothing is impossible with God, and that’s the beauty I want to express in my music!”

Ameir quotes:

“1) I’m a dreamer… so why not dream big!!
2) I got that ‘Go Get em’ in my blood!!
I won’t let go of my dreams, until they are fulfilled.. Promises are meant to be kept. My God has not lied to me yet, 15 years in and I still trust him like it’s day 1″… Feel that!!!

This is the beginning of my impossible dream that’s why it had to go first. SIDE NOTE** This was the last song to make it on the album. I got it completed and finished @ 7:44am the day it was to be sent to disc makers for duplication. Right on time! The album would not have made the cut without it. I pray it speaks to the impossible dream on the inside of you, and helps you to see this in BOLD vivid “COLOR”. Isaiah 66:9 “Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery, says the Lord” Your Kingdom purpose is alive inside of you! TIME TO DELIVER!!  -Ameir


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